A Tiny Room in a Tiny WorldgameA perma-end-of-world, solar roguelike electronic boardgame using an AVR ATtiny1634 microcontroller, with a longevity of 50 to 100 years, using Morse Code, a 9600 baud UART server, an Arch Linux and Raspberry Pi development environment, physical tiles, and a separate external procedural world generator.
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Abscissa Mantissa SchmishaprogramA 1980's teen competition to compute the exact factorial of 255, a 505-digit number, on an 8-bit Commodore 64 in BASIC, trying to overcome the limited mathematical precision of that era.
Altered StatesessayWhat the existence of altered states of existence tells us about reality, reality.
And CookiespictureRound glass plate containing a ziggurat of square cookies.
Bash Talk RadioprogramA mothballed Linux-based talk radio recorder using the Bash shell language for recording amateur radio nets using the RTL2832U and UV-5R series of radios and the Opus audio codec.
Bird CreatureessayAn ominous, mythological, bird-like therianthrope or chimera, perhaps an archetype or ancient messenger?
Calculate This!memoirA cautionary tale of the difficulty of Calculus and mathematical English, disillusionment with academia, and the crushing of individual spirit.
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Contextual BubbleessayA proposition that conflict exists because of communication barriers, our differing viewpoints being illusions created through perspective in a fractal collective, and a critique of social media.
CyberpunkessayThe eternal yin and yang of dualistic forces, order and chaos, reason and faith, the system builders and destroyers, and the collective versus the individual that remain bounded in a fractal world, and the secret escape route.
das AutoessayImproving logic and critical thinking skills, understanding machinery and robotics, and learning how to solve multi-variable problems in complex, interrelating systems via reading, thought experiment, and repairing Diesel and gasoline automobiles engineered by different cultures.
Dead Pi AudioprojectAdd audio to a Raspberry Pi Zero by reusing a burned-out Raspberry Pi Model B and performing some simple SMD soldering and gluing on the audio circuit and 3.5 mm jack, and an effective method of two-channel, stereo hardware mute using GPIO PWM control.
Dungeon CrawlessayDungeon crawl games that influenced the author, beginning with Eamon on the 8-bit Apple II+, that led to an interest in both interactive fiction and the roguelike.
End SubroutineessayWhat is death? Altered states of existence and fractal geometry may give us clues that perhaps it is the deconstruction of an instantiated object in a fractal consciousness, but if so, the implications are ominous.
EyeBelieveessayBreaking the stodgy rules of scientific language and prioritizing rhythm to accurately describe reality, contrasting correlation and causation, subjectivity and objectivity, and postulating that meaning is universal.
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Field of ViewessayUsing light as an analogy of corpuscular, object-oriented movement through fractal abstraction.
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Ghost of RyoprojectMy PC keyboard to Wii controller keymap for the PC Windows version of Shenmue III, the long-awaited 2019 sequel to the 2001 Dreamcast videogame, played on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS Linux using a 2010 Intel Core i3-550 CPU and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti, and a nostalgic trip through arcade games and early 3D fighters.
Ghost ShipprojectA spooky DIY miniature carnival river race, with phosphorescent polystyrene boats instead of ducks, built out of PVC pipe, aquarium powerhead, glow-in-the-dark paint, black light, and a plastic bucket.
Huddled Masses of GrassspeechAn after dinner speech speech written and performed by the author when he was 23 for a forensics competition, about grass becoming an intelligent being.
HypersystemizingessayUsing Simon Baron-Cohen's empathizing-systemizing theory to decode and understand "mental technology".
ID3PluginprogramA plugin for Foswiki which reads ID3 and Vorbis comment tag metadata from mp3, ogg vorbis, and flac tags, adding 4 new macros.
In the DoorwaymemoirA personal recollection of living at solitary vantage points that revealed the world was polarized and dualistic, and attempts to use balance, abstraction, and universal mental constructs to understand it.
Information in FlightlistEssays and projects in communication.
Interactive FictionessayA brief synopsis of the relatively new literary genre of interactive fiction and its relationship to the roguelike, contextual fractal structure, and spatial characteristics of the world.
InterdimensionalmemoirA first-hand sighting of a cigar-shaped UFO in St. Louis, Missouri in May, 1995.
Knowledge CurationessayAn epistemological examination of the importance, difficulties and fragility of human knowledge, including how knowledge is created and destroyed, the dangers of hyper-specialization, and comparing rationalism with Popperian empiricism.
Landmark Film Production SystemprojectThe creation of a collaborative production system for the film Landmark and the discovery of Web 2.0 and NoSQL which made possible.
Landmark FilmprojectAn epic, decades-long project to create a motion picture based on subconscious, fractal structure, archetypal story and symbolism, which led to the discovery of The Great Fractal.
Lee DjavaherianmemoirLee Djavaherian's career, education, and personal interests.
Life on StagememoirThe analogy that life is simply a play with actors having archetypal roles, and the author's experience and use of theatrical concepts in his work.
Linear DepressionprogramThe insidious evil of debt and compound interest, looking to linear programming for an answer, and trying to build a solver.
Machina SapienslistEssays and projects in robotics.
Machine ElvesmemoirA dream of surreal dancing elves that issued an empathic warning, and their curious similarity to the deavils and hudufolk in mythology and the intelligent non-human entities that many people have perceived in altered states.
Man of ScienceessayA lifelong battle to unite Science and Art to understand the mysteries in the void between them, necessitating a transition from empiricism to rationalism which led to the discovery of fractal geometry and a new language of philosophic inquiry.
Morse, Decodedalgorithm, programA simple, lightweight Morse algorithm and Morse decoder, called SIMTHEO, for decoding hand-sent International Morse Code, which provides surprising philosophical insights into the dualistic nature of human choice and the mysterious dichotomy between machine learning and statistics.
Motion PicturememoirA personal experience of the power of film and its ability to transcend space and time, including experiments in video and filmmaking.
MousetrapprojectBuilding an electronic, live-catch mousetrap out of necessity during strange times, using inexpensive materials such as a dollar-store door alarm, DC motor, cardboard, tape, foil, string, stick, toilet paper, a plastic bin, and cheese.
Nested DollessayClues to discovering what and where we are in a connected, self-similar universe, inspired by Helen Keller.
One Time PadessayA musing on the mysterious ontological implications of a simple information-theoretically secure encryption algorithm that doesn't require a computer and can be performed by drawing letter tiles from a bag.
Order vs. LevelinfoDefining the use of words on this site to enumerate levels of self-similarity.
Oscar Party SystemprojectA private Oscar party invitation, auto-mailer, ballot and scoring system based on Foswiki and BASH, with Web 2.0 features and document-oriented database.
Oswald ClusterprojectDesigning the low-cost, low-power, computer cluster that serves, including ScratchedInSpace, ScratchedInTime, OswaldBot, and Memcached using a low-cost, low-power architecture consisting of a Raspberry Pi Model B+ router hosting three Raspberry Pi Zero USB Ethernet Gadget clients.
Oswald LaserprojectBuilding an inexpensive laser tripwire for the Raspberry Pi based OswaldBot home automation robot using a CdS photoresistor, red laser pointer, RC charge circuit, overcoming the memory effect by using a deadband in lieu of hysteresis, and pondering the ethical implications of weaponized robots and AI.
OswaldBotprogramA Python home automation robot with XMPP, speech, audio stream player control, power outage detection, hourly chimes, laser tripwire, temperature sensing, and ScratchedInTime integration.
Outside the CavelistEssays of strangeness and novelty.
Packet RadioprojectBuilding an inexpensive, portable packet or APRS radio station with remote operation, PTT, control link auto-shutdown, eliminating the need for a UV-5R USB programming cable, ground loop isolator, or TNC by using a Raspberry Pi, Linux, and Soundmodem.
Past and FutureessayA metaphysical examination of Time and consciousness, and the hypothesis that Time is a 4th spatial dimension with characteristics that are often ignored, which might explain clairvoyance and precognition, and the illogical scientific assumptions that impede our understanding.
PatteRnessayThe importance of human individual interpretation, stories, and sport and the limitations of our sciences and technologies.
Pea LanguageessayInventing "de-immersion" electronic devices based on the minimalistic 8-bit microcontroller by overcoming economic, knowledge, and construction barriers and experimenting with conductive inks, glues and flexible circuits.
Phase TransitionlistEssays that bridge dialectically opposed concepts.
Program DisclaimersinfoProgram disclaimers for automated inclusion on various source code pages.
Remember LoveessayA poetic remembrance of that which cannot be quantified, that which exists in both structure and detail and throughout a hierarchy of beings, that which must never be forgotten.
Robot ChessprojectBuilding a talking, voice-controlled robot in 1988 that could move chess pieces by interfacing a Radio Shack Mobile Robot Arm with a Commodore 64, Covox Voice Master Jr., and a General Instruments SPO256-AL2 speech synthesizer chip.
Robot DesignsessayLessons learned about both the physical world and engineering by studying simple machines and applying them to robotics, realizing through mathematical complexity that there is no bad design.
RogueLikeessayThe philosophically profound roguelike videogame genre, an exercise in computing minimalism that uncovers fractal world structure through complexity theory and emergence, which inspired the author to build one.
RS-232projectBuilding an inexpensive Commodore 64 RS-232 interface using the MC1488P and M1489 chips as a logic level converter to get through college, preserve a digital archive, and discover the Internet.
Scratched in SpaceprogramA Void Linux and Perl-based static site and wiki generator with Web 2.0 features, Textile markup, macros and NoSQL document-oriented database.
Scratched in Time PluginprogramOptional Python-based plugin for OswaldBot which interfaces with the ScratchedInTime commenting system for spam monitoring, control, and microblogging using custom XMPP commands.
Scratched in TimeprogramA Perl-based, FastCGI commenting system with RESTful architecture, cryptographic ID, XMPP remote monitoring and control, spam filter, knowledge captcha and ScratchedInSpace integration.
Shape Most EfficientessayA musing on aesthetics, from both the context of human society and nature, including lessons learned from the space age, mathematics, material science, and comparing DIY home engineering projects such as travel trailers and vessel sinks to profound concepts like the catenery and golden spiral.
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Some TeapictureA tray of Persian tea, sugar cubes, and samovar.
Source CodelistA list of some programs written by Lee Djavaherian.
State of DenialessayRejecting the widely-held belief that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" by using a cognitive abstraction model to show how stochastic thinking is often misapplied in deterministic human systems which creates prejudice and limits the discovery of new knowledge.
Suspension of DisbeliefessayNarrowing and widening our contextual judgement and pattern recognition systems to see beauty in things that are grotesque or cannot normally be perceived.
Synthetic SimulacrumlistEssays and projects in virtual worlds.
Tag SearchlistAn auto-generated list of all tags and hashtags on, generated by the ScratchedInSpace site generator, used to create a static Web 2.0 personal folksonomy.
The ArmchairessayApplying analogy, thought experiments, and meta-analysis to generate scientific knowledge of non-physical phenomena in a dualistic, fractal universe, using our fractal mind to transcend logical paradox.
The Board GameessayA lifelong attempt to create a game that alters physical reality, recalling a history of boardgames, videogames, nightclubs, theme parks, and museums.
The Circle and the LineessayA tale of two geometric symbols, like tiny forms of life, that keep reappearing in different ways in Time, Space, and language, being higher-order representations of Platonic forms that make up our fractal, dualistic Universe, which curiously solves the a priori problem of Descartes.
The CycleessayThe 2-dimensional construct built into our mind that is at the heart of a recursive engine for growing fractals such as the Mandelbrot Set and even our own abstract thought.
The EgregoreessayA dynamic information entity, or thought form, created when the Many form a collective to become One, that shapes our world.
The Elements of Binary OppositionessayViewing the universe as a cloud of binary oppositions that reveals a tree of information characterized by the perspective of the observer, and deconstructing them down to three core elements.
The GloomessayA first-hand experience of a parallel plane of existence and its possible relation to the OBE and NDE states.
The Great FractalessayPhilosophical essays of fractal cosmology from a multi-disciplinary, multi-level perspective, being its namesake; a pattern that stretches, without limitation, throughout the known Universe.
The IntercomprojectKids that built their own neighborhood messaging systems, using hundreds of feet of fishing line and wire, using gondolas and intercoms, in the days when email wasn't even a word and telephones were rotary, rented, and hardwired.
The ObserveressayModeling the Universe in our own image, from a fractal perspective, choosing through observation.
The Phone SystemprojectBuilding a talking, DTMF controlled telephone PBX system with sound server, power supply, and self-powered network using the SPO256-AL2, SSI 202-P, AMI 6821, and some analog multiplexers and optoisolators, using a Commodore 64, BASIC and 6510 assembly.
The Third DimensionprojectOur higher-dimensional 3D world as understood through virtual reality technologies and building a RepRap Prusa i3 2020 3D printer, unveiling the enormity of visual information and the mysterious act of object creation.
The TowelmemoirA childhood near-drowning experience that provided clues to what we are, the nature of fear, and sparked interest in water and human archetypes.
This Statement is FalseessayThe counterintuitive importance of circular reasoning and logical paradox.
Time CapsuleessayConceiving of Time as a 4th spatial dimension by using thought experiment and lower-dimensional analogies and attempting to unify quantum mechanics and general relativity using 5th dimensional fractal tree structure, which consequently explains the arrow of time.
TransHumanessayFuture prediction and ethical analysis of the immortality aspect of transhumanism, using a fractal world view.
TrillSatprojectBuilding a low-cost, self-contained, tree-based XMPP to AX.25 packet radio communication relay and PBBS, with in-session APRS beaconing, programmed in Python, C and Lua, with a capstan hoist and rocking solar tracker, using an ESP8266, Raspberry Pi Zero W, two ATtiny 1634 microcontrollers, and a Baofeng UV-5R series packet radio, with 3D-printed robotics.
Turing CompletelistEssays and projects in computation.
Unity & SeparationessayThe mysterious connections between One and Many and the hidden knowledge that lies within those fuzzy gaps, explained using the philosophical, linguistic, and database theory concepts of categories, reductionism, holism, quantum measurement, and a scale-free network model.
UnobtainiumessayA tentative definition and theory of value based on scarcity, complexity, fractal geometry and information theory, the uniqueness of human choice, and its relation to love and happiness.
Vending MachineprojectThe mysterious servant automaton that we take for granted and the profound implications of its existence in nature and civilization, and its relation to computation and choice.
Welcome, FriendlistWelcome Friend. My name is Lee, and this is my site.
When We Discovered the InternetmemoirA personal struggle to decode the secrets of mainframe academia, the discovery of the Internet and World Wide Web in the early 1990's, and the Cello browser and EINet Galaxy search engine that led to the discovery of Linux.
Why Communication?memoirA personal recollection of the events that developed the author's interest in communication technologies, theory, and philosophy including shortwave and amateur radio, telephony and telegrams, intercoms, 8-bit BBS systems, the World Wide Web, Web 2.0, and information theory.
World Within WorldgameA pre-steampunk, alternate reality game inspired by Jules Verne, incorporating themes of ancient advanced civilizations and archaeology, mathematics and simple machines, cryptography and stenography, cartography and surveying, chemistry and physics, electronics, recursion, and time capsules.