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I hate death. I hate it. I don't like things to end. Even the idea of death causes suffering to those of us alive.

I've spent a lot of time trying to find out what death is, and what I discovered is that it is simply a "phenomenological force", a force that is not really there, but exists all around us, in the dark, empty spaces that fill the void of all things.

It is disorder, it is chaos, it is the entropy that divides and disperses us.

Focus on this ---> Yellow Bird

Now, since you are no longer focusing on those 2 words, but reading this sentence, the bird you were looking at has died. When you broke your focus, you released part of your energy, your spirit, from the words. When you focused on it, you imparted energy into it. It lived for a brief moment, in your mind. You had instantiated it, but when you removed your focus, it was deconstructed.

As long as there is time and space, death will be present.

The interesting thing when you were focusing on the bird is that you didn't die. Only the thing you were focusing on did. For one moment you visualized a Yellow Bird, the next moment you didn't. Only your focus was broken, not your spirit.

It is my opinion that a Great Spirit is focusing on us, and we are its lens that narrows this focus even further, and one day, it will break its focus and we will cease and merely become words in a Great Book, like the Yellow Bird. But our essence will move back up to the Great Spirit.

We may be able to detect this before it occurs. If the world is truly a fractal and pattern transcends consciousness, then we can look to the dream state for the answer.

In the dream state, whenever I have become "lucid" and realized that I was in a dream, I would make the same mistakes as many other people and get very excited like a hyperactive maniac and quickly bend the world to my will, using it as a playground to do whatever I wanted. But shortly thereafter, I would fall out of my dream and wake up, and could never re-enter it again.

This is a common phenomenon, and people that practice lucid dreaming say that you must "stabilize" the dream and calm yourself when you detect you are lucid. They have a variety of techniques to do this.

But this got me thinking, if a man in the waking world suddenly thought the waking world was an illusion and began running around like a maniac doing whatever he wanted, would that also cause him to "wake up" (death) in the real world?

It probably would, as people would quickly stop someone, with deadly force if needed, that behaved in such a way.

So there appear to be rules of conduct in all worlds, dream worlds, artificial worlds, the real world, and the worlds beyond.

Here is a philosophical question: If you built a simulated world full of artificial characters, is it okay to maim or kill those characters for the fun of it? It is a very disturbing question, but modern videogames are full of this. There have been many medical studies on this, and the subject is still controversial.

Overall there seems to be some mechanism of the mind that pulls it out of certain scenarios. Perhaps it is a method of preventing data corruption to the organism, allowing negative ideas to corrupt a positive-oriented being.

If we are lenses of a higher being, the higher being will replace the lens if it fails to operate as intended.

Perhaps we are allowed to exist on this planet as long as we stay inline with our higher self and have a purpose, and that our higher selves will remove us if we do not act appropriately, we neglect our purpose, or if we finished the job we were meant to do.

I've read many experiences from people that have had an NDE (near-death experiences), and they almost all say that the knowledge they gained from their excursion into the afterlife was that we are on this planet to learn and grow and that we chose to come here. They are overwhelmingly positive experiences.

This news is comforting, but it does worry me, however, that perhaps becoming "lucid" to the waking world, shortens our time here, and perhaps I am missing the whole concept of life itself and am simply that proverbial fool looking at the finger of the man who points at the sky.