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This is a list of some of the notable programs that I have written over the years. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list but only those that I have chosen to open-source. My most recent programs in Python 3, C, Lua, Inform 7, and OpenSCAD have not been released (yet).

All of the programs below are free software licensed under GPL version 3. A copy of the license can be found here.

FilenamePage LinkLanguageYear(s) Created
OswaldBot-1.3.tgzOswaldBotPython 22013-2016
ScratchedInSpace-1.3.tgzScratchedInSpacePerl 52013-2015
ScratchedInTime-1.5.tgzScratchedInTimePerl 52013-2015
IdThreePlugin-1.0.tgzIdThreePluginPerl 52013
creditcardprogram_basic.pdfLinearDepressionVisual BASIC1995
PhoneSystemSourceCodeAssembly.pdfThePhoneSystem6510 Assembly1991
PhoneSystemSourceCodeBasic.pdfThePhoneSystemC64 BASIC1991
factorial_c64_source.pdfAbscissaMantissaSchmishaC64 BASIC1989
myfirstprogram.pdfMy first computer program, age 13.TRS-80 BASIC1983