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TrillSat is my largest and most complex electronic project to date, which I began designing in February 2016↗, inspired by and improving upon my first PacketRadio project in 2015, motivated by an early childhood interest in spacecraft, and made possible by due to the availability of tiny, low-power, low-cost electronics and 3D printers. When completed, it will be my 4th communication system and my 3rd robot. It is the second most difficult project that I have ever undertaken, combining electromechanical design and engineering, incorporating radio, physics and earth science, bridging old and new technologies, including complex motor control, the asynchronous programming of multiple CPUs, sensors, and text streams using different languages and protocols. I am intentionally leaving the details vague until I finish the first prototype, at which time I will publish an in-depth technical article, which is already mostly complete. For now, this page only shows the completion status of the individual components that comprise the craft.

Completion Status

Obtain Parts and Materials95% Completed
PBBS ProgrammingCompleted
Radio Driver ProgrammingCompleted
Communication BOT ProgrammingCompleted
Environmental Control BOT Programming60% Completed
Motor Control BOT Programming70% Completed
Solar Panel AssemblyCompleted
CPU & Radio ModuleCompleted, testing
Power Regulation ModuleCompleted, testing
Battery ModuleCompleted, testing
Motor ModuleCompleted, testing
Misc Parts80% Designed and printed
Radio-to-Computer InterfaceCompleted
AntennaDesigned, 0% Completed
Circuit Board ACompleted
Circuit Board BCompleted
Circuit Board CCompleted
Circuit SchematicCompleted, unpublished
Technical Article Write-Up70% Completed, unpublished