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When any type of group forms, whether it is made of of people, or particles, if there are connections between the members which cause them to influence each other, you get what I call an Egregore.

This term↗ is not well known, which was an occult term that referred to a distinct entity formed from the thoughts of many people.

The connections between people are not forces like you might find in simple machines, or particles, but higher-order forces, such as the need to conform to a group or act within its values. These forces are formed through communication.

Communication is the act of transferring information from one individual to the next, and each individual has the ability to react upon this information. But egregores do not really form unless these individuals can both "listen" and "talk, sending out new information to influence other individuals. They form strings between group members.

This collective, like a flock of birds (a form of emergence↗ or swarm intelligence), begins acting as a single entity, which is what it actually is, in my opinion, a new physical entity.

The Universe, due to its fractal nature, is constantly forming and dispersing these entities, like eddies in a river suddenly forming from a stream of water. Like an eddy, they have a lifespan, and like an eddy, they have a death as the eddy eventually dissolves away.

The human body is an egregore, made up of organs. Its organs are egregores, made up of cells.

Families are egregores; so are cities, countries, and corporations.

Each of us has an individual consciousness. Our consciousness is also an egregore, a single entity that we perceive to be our self, which is actually composed of billions of individual cells.

From this viewpoint, we can see higher-order egregores around us, like cities, and lower-order ones, like skin cells.

Higher orders are more powerful than we are, and lower orders are subjugate to our will.

If you ever wonder why people conform to each other and why they harm those that refuse to be like them, it is because the egregore requires conformity to survive and will force its members to obey to survive. It is not just in human groups, you will also see this behavior in animals and computer simulations.

When a new individual enters a group, that individual come with their own personality, culture, and ideology. The other members of the group will likely tolerate a different personality, but they will not be likely to tolerate a different culture, and they will surely resist a different ideology. This is because the culture and ideology are the flesh and skeleton of the egregore. It will lash out at anything that tries to compromise this.

If you are on the wrong side of an egregore, you are in danger as it will try to snuff you out. This is why people react so violently to someone with new ideas, just because they are new and different. It doesn't have anything to do with the merit of the idea.

This is why going against the mainstream crushes the individual, as the flow created dissolves tiny eddies in its path. Human societies are constructed in such a way that energy flows only to those that conform to its arrangement. As soon as you try to be unique and different, your energy flow is cut off.

An individual might be crushed by a group, but over time, perhaps after their death, they are redeemed if they are later determined to be inline with the higher order.

This is because, the egregore itself receives all of the information from its members. It is aware of all of them. And since each egregore is a member of other egregores, its higher egregore is very aware of it.

It is very much like how human beings create hierarchical organizations, except that there are no individual managers.

A middle egregore cannot restrict information flow to superiors like a middle manger can, since it is simply fulfilling the will of its members.

Once an egregore forms, it suddenly finds itself born into the presence of other egregores, and it can communicate with them on a level that their individual members cannot understand.

Once the communication between other egregores forms, the results of that communication influence the egregore, which in turn pressures the individual members. It does this by communicating its "expectation" downward.

The individual members feel they must fulfill this expectation, if possible, and pressure the other members to conform. If they meet the expectation, it travels upward very quickly. If they don't, a mismatch occurs, and the individual tells the egregore that it can't fulfill that expectation. It's kind of like when you assume something to be the case in your mind, but then a little fact comes up that tells you that it was wrong. That little fact suddenly becomes very important. There were probably a few neurons to thank for that.

The entire thing is enormous and dynamic, but it has rules; it is fractal. Jeff Hawkins' "memory-prediction framework", has elegantly unraveled part of the mystery, how information travels from the senses on up to the brain or, in my analogy, from the individual to the egregore.

We, as human beings, believe ourselves to be in a certain reality, with certain goals in life. But this reality is subtly changing, imperceptibly to the masses. What individuals experience as changes in our reality are often the motions of higher egregores.

Egregores are very manipulative, sneaky beings. It is my theory that when we tell our finger to move, we alter the perception of its reality in such a way that it continues to do what it always did, but now works for us in a different way.

That's how we program computers, we apply fixed subroutines to new environments. Like DNA, objects "instantiate" like people, or virtual-world avatars, into new worlds created by the programmer.

That's how humans have controlled machines and animals for thousands of years. It also means that higher-order egregores are controlling us in the same way, which you can already see in today's multi-national corporations.

Egregores can get away with this since reality is not defined. In fact, it is egregores themselves that have defined mankind's reality. Everything we know about the Universe has come from egregores.

The field of science is an egregore, but instead of the rules of profit, it uses the rules of the scientific method.

Corporations are egregores. They have rules that turn them into profit-driven engines. Since money is really just a tokenized form of energy, they are giant, mechanized tanks that roll over whatever is in their path.

What is curious is that the differences between the number of cells in the brain, number of stars in a galaxy, and number of galaxies in the universe do not vary by that many orders of magnitude. If the universe is scale-free, then the Universe itself might be some sort of egregore.

There are different forms of the egregore, depending on the communication rules between the initial members and the types of members of which it is composed. Like Djinn, they have different personalities.

Because we are all in a fractal, what is good for the group is not always good for the individual, and vice-versa.

This is the cause of violence and war. These things cannot be removed from the Universe in its present form. Since we are part of a fractal they will always be with us, although we can try our best to prevent it from occurring in our lifetimes. Egregores, like individuals, have their own agendas, which mathematically, must eventually conflict with other egregores. To stop violence and war is to stop time itself. Free will would have to be frozen.

Cancer is an egregore. Cancer may be an informational disease, like data corruption, corrupting good cells.

Sometimes Evil individuals gain control of egregores, but they do not have as much power as they appear. They are simply pawns of higher-level egregores.

Egregores of various types and levels are constantly interacting and fighting each other like the ancient Greek pantheon. They are all relatively young demigods, however, beings of limited power, as a fractal only has a single root, and the being that roosts at the root must be the highest, and the oldest.

There also appears to be something inherent in life that causes its self-destruction from the very beginning. Life is not the growing of something into perfection as much as the disintegration of it. As soon as we are born, we begin to deteriorate, from an information or entropy perspective. Therefore, all egregores are mortal.

In certain computer simulations of artificial intelligence, "machine senility" occurs to the software, even though the hardware is still working.

Once you identify egregores as discrete "entities" with different personalities, you can defend yourself against them. They are the fractal forces around us, the giants walking around in our forests.