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Terrance McKenna once talked about "self transforming machine elves", entities that he encountered while under the influence of DMT, a molecule found in plants and in the human brain in small amounts. Other people have had similar encounters with these beings and have written about their experiences.

It is always fascinating to read about people's encounters with non-human intelligent entities, but the nature of these elves is even more fascinating.

Since this molecule occurs in small amounts in the brain, there is a theory that the human brain has the ability to enter this state on its own, perhaps in a form of meditation. So for a while, every night when I went to bed, I would try to program my mind to "tune" into the state described by these people. Most of the time, I just fell asleep and there was nothing unusual.

However, one night, I had an interesting dream.

I was in a hallway of what seemed to be a department store, and there were these short dwarfs to my left. There was a tall, thin man climbing a ladder to do something in the ceiling. He had opened the ceiling panel and the top half of his body was up in the ceiling as he was working.

Suddenly, the man jerks and his legs go limp and dangle off the ladder, but he is still stuck in the ceiling. He was wearing what looked like red elf pants and elf shoes like you would see Christmas elves wearing. I thought to myself, the man must have died. Maybe he got crushed or electrocuted up there. And then I thought about how to deal with this situation, if I would be blamed by people at the store, or what to do next.

Immediately, the dwarf like people to the left looked at me and telepathically sent me a message, and I immediately felt extreme sadness and empathy for the man in the ceiling and knew I had my priorities so wrong. I was hit by an extreme feeling that this man's life was precious and that there was great loss here. How stupid I was! They were teaching me a lesson. The dwarfs showed me how my thought about anything but empathy for the preciousness of this man's life was a wrong priority. They had magnified the emotion so I understood it. It affected me for days.

The next thing that happened was that I looked over at a round door in the wall and I was suddenly sucked into a tube and got really thin, then ended up in room with a long rectangular table. There were dwarfs surrounding the table, all moving in unison. They would all look very sad with their heads down at once, then suddenly perk up and start dancing around the table. This repeated a few times.

Next, I was sucked through the wall again and suddenly in a snowy clearing in the woods, with tall pine trees in the back. One tree stood alone in the middle, and was very tall, but I knew it wasn't a tree but a wise old being. I somehow zoomed up to it almost instantaneously, and said to the being "You must be thousands of years old!". The being (female) replied, "Yes, thousands and thousands!". Then I zoomed back a little and saw Santa Claus figures dancing in the foreground, but their legs were split from their top half. There was an air gap that separated their top and bottom halves, but they kept on dancing somehow.

I had descended into levels of increasing fantasy, starting with the department store which was fairly realistic, to the room with the table that was more surreal, to the snowy clearing which was fantastical.

Was this dream an encounter with the machine elves↗? I know it sounds a little like Snow White, but perhaps the old story was based on more than imagination. It was also similar to stories of faerie circles, since the dwarfs danced around the rectangular table and I was sucked into another place, like some kind of interdimensional wormhole.

Are they the hudufolk of Iceland, or the deavils written about by Meriweather Lewis?

Some have speculated that the Three Wise Men, the Magi, were Zoroastrian priests, which predates the story of Santa (arriving on camels vs. reindeer, giving gifts at Christmas, fancy clothing, etc). I can't remember how many dancing Santas there were, but it is possible there were 3 of them.

Notice also that both the man in the ceiling was split in half, so to speak, and the dancing Santas were split in half.

Perhaps they were telling me that there are two parts to them like the man in the ceiling, one above that I cannot see in my reality, and one below, that I can, and that in their world both halves are visible.

In 2014, I was involved in a minor car accident (nobody was injured), and my first thought, again, was on the logistics of the situation. My second thought was for the well-being of the other person. I cannot help think of the lesson I learned in the dream, and how I failed the test once more.