Page Created: 7/23/2014   Last Modified: 3/11/2016   Last Generated: 2/7/2024 - Needs to be in the same folder as OswaldBot.

ScratchedInTime doesn't need a control server, but I added a plugin called ScratchedInTimePlugin so that OswaldBot can send certain commands to it so I could send text commands (XMPP) from a smart phone running Xabber to the system to do things like send blogs, view most recent spam, view private comments, mark certain comments as spam, resurrect spam as valid comments, rebuild comments pages, and prime the bogofilter database.

Since I didn't add a user moderation system, spam is only controlled algorithmically unless I intervene. I could build a moderation system, but that would just add complexity, which I am keeping to a minimum. But a manual method only works if you put upper limits on the amount of comments per page. Otherwise the amount of spam would eventually overwhelm a single person.

OswaldBot then sends POST commands to running on the Comments server. It simply executes the Linux command "curl".

To receive output from ScratchedInTime, it checks Memcached running on the Cache server. OswaldBot is not directly accessible by the Comments server for security reasons. To receive output from, it checks Memcached running on the Cache server. It is a little tricky using the same Memcached server with both Perl and Python, since the software implementations are different, which can cause problems in Memcached if you're not careful.


set [command] - Sends a free form POST command to the comments server.
showmespam - Shows the latest spam flagged, along with the "resurrection" number.
showmeprivate - Shows the latest private comments (contact form), appends them to a file, and deletes them from Memcached.

The POST commands normally have to be prefixed by the word "set", except for "showmespam" and "showmeprivate" which were added for convenience.